With Over

20 Years of Recognition

Founded in July 2008 by Mr. Samson Arumugam, Welsell foods owes its roots to the Appalam production company it started off as. With over 20 years of experience in the field of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Mr. Samson traces the journey of Welsell foods from an Appalam Production company to a Hotel Ingredients Trading unit to the renowned food distribution company that you and several hotels, and corporates experience today.

Welsell foods is a benchmark in providing food for HoReCa – Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterings, with excellent service and unbeatable quality. From supplying over any range of cuisines possible, Welsell incorporates versatility and accessibility by supplying to any range of hotels, from 1-star to 5-star. No location is out of our reach because Welsell supplies food for the Taj Flight Kitchen, TajSATS. We also supply materials to all university food catering companies, and to world-renowned hotel chains such as Hyatt, Oberoi, Trident and Ramada Palace just to name a few. We constantly and actively work to satisfy our customers, from Star Hotels to local messes to air cafés. Our philosophy is purely on the notion that our success is measured by how satisfied our clients are. Not only does Welsell foods maintain excellence in our services, we also abide strictly by the stationary norms.

Our customers are

always happy

The assured satisfaction from all of our customers comes not only from our top of the line team of professionals who work to provide with passion but also from the finest quality of food we provide through storage and use of our 3000ft. Godown, entirely optimized exclusively for the hand-picked food supply of any kind. We also take every measure necessary to preserve every chef's best ingredient, from source to plate, through our specialized cold storage units that boasts a net capacity of 20 tonnes. Exclusive to the Indian cuisine, Welsell has 10 tonnes of Appalam production capacity.

With strong and reliable storage as one of our defining features, Welsell Foods is one of the largest food distribution companies in the market, and one of the absolute best. Through constant evolution and leverage from our excellent staff, our dream only broadens.

Welsell Foods provides a wide range of services from Industrial Kitchens to Cold storage, our vision does not falter. We aim to be the forerunners in bringing about a whole new level of high standard and quality of services in the food production industry and in the sector of hospitality and leisure.