Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team of professionals in the field are earnestly passionate and stay committed to providing a rich range of services to meet every need.

Food Services

Welsell foods specialise in supplying the best ingredients, in quality and freshness to hotels and food chains all around the nation. Our clientele is diverse and we serve them with wide ranges of expertise. We are fervent in bringing you the key and essential ingredients in its best state right from where it is produced to your plate, and help you relish with a Bon Appetit. Regardless of the scale, Welsell foods work only to satisfy our customers with convenience and beyond. We supply all cuisines for all-star hotels, anywhere in the nation. From small-scale messes to 7-star hotels, for all food distributions, Welsell foods have you completely covered.

Industrial Kitchen

Industrial kitchens are some of the most bustling and happening kitchens in the food provision platform. Welsell Foods makes sure to meet every need with both passion and reliability when we provide fresh food right to your restaurant's kitchens. To ensure your businesses' success, we provide the healthiest of ingredients with absolutely no wastage. This way the full input of your workers is assured through healthy food served on time with all the perfect ingredients. Welsell's quality assured, multi-cuisine oriented and industry-standard ingredients are guaranteed to more than satisfy all Industrial Kitchens, anywhere in the country.

Corporate Kitchen

Welsell foods provides its expertise to even the biggest Corporates. Corporate kitchens often require accurate and fresh-to-cook ingredients delivered in record time. With complete customer satisfaction and supply of the best ingredients as our driving force, we complete every workplace’s food service solutions including cafes, micro markets, vending machines & office coffees all with an emphasis on employee and corporate wellness. With food built fresh up from amazing ingredients served just right, corporates can only benefit from jobs well done. For all your business food service requirements, Welsellfoods keeps you, our customers and our competence to provide you better, at the center of our plans.

Cold Storage

With Welsell Food Distribution Services, there is no longer the concern regarding the storage and preservation of cold food. From all sorts of meat to just about any food material, all our provisional ingredients are preserved and stored, taking advantage and making full functional use of our 20-tonne capacity's worth of cold storage units. Our customers can be assured the best materials for all their kitchens and fulfillment to whoever consumes at their establishments. We work day in and day out to uphold your confidence in our services.