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Welsell Foods

      Mr. Samson, the founder of Wellsell Foods, sets the company into life. He has astonishing experiences into sales, marketing, management, pitching and much more which dialects into the operations of our company. We are serving the HoReCa sector since 2005. We have also evolved onto providing our services to every other fooding ideas/ concepts. The motto of our company is set on simple terms; "To Serve you needs Better!" 

      We boast about our channelled services. We are proud vendors of a plethora of star properties, hotels, restaurants, cafes, messes and even stroller shops.  We take great honour in delivering the demands of our customers at better prices. It's just not about the quantity or quality alone, we also factor in the significance customer relations. 

      We assure you that you WILL be overwhelmed at our product list. Please feel free to contact us or even walk into our store to have a better understanding of the ranges.  We can also assist you in choosing the required products based on your cuisines. Oh!! and don't worry about the prices. We will have your requisites at your wallet's comfort. Our product list fits in the widest of price range you can perceive.


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